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Bookkeeping and Accounting services are vital elements of an organization that helps in keeping track of your income and expenses. The right accountant or bookkeeper helps in the smooth running of your business, by making your financial statements as accurate as possible. Planning to do bookkeeping and accounting service in-house might adversely affect your organization, as you may not be able to give the care it demands. One might have hundreds of other things to take care of and as a result, you might end up making mistakes in financial records.

An outsourced finance department can significantly reduce your administrative burden and finance staff costs, which are the most common reasons, organizations, choose outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services for business processes. This enables to improve company focus, assurance on continuity of service and increase flexibility to respond to growing business requirements.

HLB HAMT is a chartered bookkeeping and Accounting services firm in Dubai UAE, that offers a variety of bookkeeping and accounting services across UAE and each service can be customized to meet your needs and comfort level. Our technology-driven specialists work to understand the dynamics of your organization so that your specific accounting and bookkeeping needs are taken care of. We provide management with information vital to the functioning of the business and ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. We also make it a point to review the accounts prepared by the client and recommend corrections to improve the reliability of financial information and the internal control process.

HLB HAMT offers bookkeeping services in Dubai, UAE, and also various reconciliation services such as Cash/Bank Reconciliation, inventory reconciliation and receivables and payable reconciliation.

Our accounting and bookkeeping services in UAE include:

  • Online or Cloud based Accounting

Most popular in modern era with Start-ups and SMEs where flexibility & scalability are of prime importance. Financial information can be accessed from anywhere, any time with the help of internet.

  • Accounting System Setup & Training

Assistance in setting up proper accounting system and process flow and also training on how to use the accounting software.

  • Onsite Accounting

Preferred by Mid-Sized to Large Entities, where transition to another platform is time-consuming and cumbersome.

  • Accountant Secondment

Qualified and Experienced Accountants at your service for a temporary period ranging from one to six months. Period can be extended on mutual consent.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Assistance in preparation of periodical budgets like revenue and expenditure. Also, cash flow forecast which enables the business to know the expected inflows, outflows and available balance over a particular period.

HLB HAMT is a renowned bookkeeping and accounting firm in Dubai and we have a team of highly qualified accountants and auditors in Dubai, who will take care of your diverse accounting and

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