Accountants Combat Fraud during COVID-19 Pandemic

Sumesh Krishna, Partner


The coronavirus pandemic is creating enough havoc in our lives. People are worried about their health, job, and economy and to add to these, fraudsters are trying to take advantage of people’s vulnerability.

Phishing is one of the most common forms of cyberattacks. During a time like this, when people are receiving countless emails related to COVID 19, one might accidentally click on the scam mails by mistake. 

If you receive an email from a stranger asking to click on something, immediately delete it. Hackers will have different reasons to get into your system; it can be for money, data, or to defame your company. Let the reason be any, CPAs need to be extra vigilant as they are responsible for safeguarding the financial data of clients.

Accountantshave started to step beyond their traditional roles and help businesses fight cyber attacks. During a crisis like this, when the IT departmenthas their plates full, accountants can do their part in identifying and responding to fraud. They may not be technically equipped to fight attacks. Still, they can alert the management and IT team if they come across any such activities.

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