Saudi Arabia increases their minimum wage for National Staff

Muhammed Naseer


Saudi Arabia has decided to increase the minimum wage of employees from 3000 riyals to 4000 riyals. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia and it will benefit 33 percent of employees working in the private sector.

The decision was made as part of the Nitaqat Programme which aims to reduce the unemployment rate and to provide more employment opportunities for its citizens.

The minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Suleiman Al Rajhi said that the amendment of wage will also be applicable to the students of Saudi who work part-time. He also stated that the rule will come into action five months from the date of the announcement.

The new rule specifies that an employee who receives a monthly salary that is below the minimum wage won’t be considered part of the company’s designated quota of national employees. Also, the ones who receive a salary between 3,000 riyals and 4,000 riyals will be considered as half of a ‘citizen worker’ in the quota count.

Saudi Arabia has brought in many incentives to its people in order to support them during such a crisis. The government’s recent initiative aims at attracting more Saudi Arabian citizens to the private sector along with ensuring their rights are met.


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